One Voice 2012: New Horizons

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January 25-28, 2013

November 11 – 14, 2012 

Our apologies for the silence. The Voice of Libyan Women would like to announce that One Voice Conference will be held in January 2013 due to concerns regarding the preparation of our government and the security of international speakers. As both these issues which would affect the ultimate results and success of the conference. We sincerely apologize and hope that you will still want to join us in January!

In the current political climate in Libya it is quite difficult to get the attention of policy makers, and so, in an effort to truly get the message of Libyan women heard, we had chosen to host the first ever International Women’s Conference during November 11 – 15th 2011. The conference proved to be phenomenally successful, bringing together over 150 women from all over Libya, who ultimately made 22 recommendations to the NTC in areas such as political participation of women, economic empowerment of women, and social and education improvement. Her Excellency Catherine Ashton spoke at the Conference Opening, as well as Ian Martin, SRSG of the UNSMIL, and the Director of Human Rights Watch International – Women’s Division,  Liesl Gerntholz. Former Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Gibril, current Libyan Prime Minister Abdulrahim El Keib, and the Head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jaleel all attended, and remained in attendance for nearly four hours, during which they were questioned about previous comments and decisions made in regards to women.  Nearly 25 other members of the NTC were also present (the Ministries were not yet assigned).

As the elections have only just taken place, and we are hoping to influence the constitution, we believe it is necessary to gather female activists yet again, and ensure that their voices are heard. We have already received confirmations from many elected members of the Parliament, as well as political party heads for their support and participation in the “One Voice” Conference.  We have also received the interest of our own Department of Civil Society in this initiative. During this three day conference we hope to cover all the major topics and debates affecting Libyan women and society today. The conference will have a very strong focus on the constitution, as well as reconciliation and the security situation, religion, the improvement of media and civil society and their influence on future policies.

As it is only a matter of months before the Libyan constitution is passed, we believe it is essential to ensure maximum impact when the eyes of both the national and international community are still focused on the Libyan women & their rights.  As mentioned in the agenda we will be creating a policy framework designed by conference attendees and will publicly hand it to Members of the Constitutional Assembly, Members of Parliament and the newly formed Government at the final evening reception. We will also be lobbying for the participation of civil society in the constitutional discussions.